If Barack Obama wants an issue where he has a strong advantage to hold over Mitt Romney, he needs to start talking more about the alien menace. No, we’re not talking about people who are worried about immigrants. We’re talking about the real worry in the world — space aliens. A new poll shows that a clear majority of Americans prefer Obama to defend them against the Greys from the Mother Ship.

  • It seems as though everyone has a different idea of which news outlets are biased and which are fair. Now there’s an easy-t0-understand explanation. The bias is frequently not in the news itself, but in what you believe about yourself and what you believe about the source of the news. Tests show that people react very differently to identical reports depending on who they’re told the reports are from.
  • Republican governors say they’re going to ignore further preparations for implementing ObamaCare, even after Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling upholding its legality. They plan to wait until after the fall election, sending a clear signal that they hope a Romney win combined with a GOP Senate takeover would allow Republicans to kill the plan before it goes into effect.

  • You might have dealt with some lousy flight delays, but you might not have had to deal with horrible flight delays and a very rude flight attendant who’s angry that passengers aren’t happy. Watch the video and see what you think.
  • This story is about the NAACP in Texas trying to get the state to shut down its lottery because it’s a burden for poor blacks. The most interesting thing to us about it, though, was the note that unemployed people are more likely to play the lottery than employed people.
  • Capt. Kirk dropped his pants at the Los Angeles airport. Well, sort of. William Shatner, best known for playing the captain of the starship Enterprise on the original Star Trek, was in a security line at the LA airport when he was singled out for a check. He was wearing loose-fitting clothing for a long flight to South Africa, and he was embarrassed when he pants suddenly fell to the ground, exposing his underwear in front of other travelers.