The “godfather of global warming” has changed his mind on some issues related to climate change. James Lovelock developed the Gaia theory that much of modern environmental religion is based on, but he’s also a scientist, so he says the positions he held 20 years ago (typified by the claims of Al Gore) were alarmism. He said scientists thought they understood climate well enough, but it turns out they don’t. He still believes some human-caused climate change is going on, but he is scornful of many environmental predictions.

  • Whether he realizes it or not, Arizona’s infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio is starting to sound a lot like Alabama Gov. George Wallace sounded like in the ’60s. Was it Wallace or Arpaio who said this? “So, I’m not going to bend to the federal government, especially when we still have state laws to enforce.”
  • In the wake of Egyptians electing the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood as president, a Republican congressman from Illinois is calling for the United States to quit giving aid to Egypt. We think this is a great idea, but we hope he’ll include Israel and every other country getting checks from American taxpayers. It’s funny this didn’t occur to him until now, huh?

  • If gay and lesbian couples are going to gain “marriage equality” with straight couples, it was inevitable that they start getting divorced, too.
  • Sharing things on Facebook is just as pleasurable to humans as food and sex, according to researchers at Harvard University. We’re just monkeys, so we’re going to let this one pass with no judgment. You decide for yourself. It could account for Facebook’s rapid growth if it’s true.
  • Would you like a dog to hang out with you in Central Park? Or do you need a dog at the park because you think it might make you look more attractive to that cute woman you’ve been eying? An NYC grad student has started a business to rent dogs for $15 an hour — for people who want the dog experience, but don’t have the commitment to make it past an hour.