A North Carolina state trooper was angry when a motorist called him a rude name during a traffic stop, so he kneed the driver in the face and then tasered him. Then he handcuffed the driver and beat him until another trooper pulled him off. Apparently, this wasn’t a very big deal, because the trooper was only given a two-day suspension. (“You will respect my authoritah!”)

  • Research into breast milk and HIV suggests that the milk actually kills the virus. Breast milk had been a suspect in the transmission of HIV in babies born to HIV-positive women, but the study proved that wasn’t the case. The real shocker was when the tests showed the milk killing HIV.
  • Many mainstream news stories about the drug war take the pro-government position without asking any serious questions, but Reuters has one that actually shows some of the costs of government policy. The story looks at government efforts to crack down on prescription painkillers. It quotes the usual statistics about addiction, but it also shows the unintended side effects on hurting people who badly need pain meds.

  • The U.S. National Security Agency says it can’t release the number of Americans who have had their communications picked up by the NSA, but the reason is going to make you laugh. In a letter to two U.S. senators, the NSA says it would violate the privacy of Americans to say how many of them have been spied on. (No, that didn’t come from the Onion.)
  • An article in the New York Times explains how the U.S. drone war in Yemen in creating more enemies for the United States and helping the terrorists who already want to kill us. It quotes a Yemeni lawyer’s tweet: “DEAR OBAMA, when a U.S. drone missile kills a child in Yemen, the father will go to war with you, guaranteed. Nothing to do with Al Qaeda.”
  • You can’t say the Obama campaign isn’t creating jobs — at least for paid protesters to wave signs at Romney rallies.