An investigation by USA Today shows that dozens of inmates are in federal prison in North Carolina based on convictions for something that courts have since decided was never a crime. Federal officials know about it, but haven’t notified the men. So the innocent men are stuck in prison — and federal officials are in no hurry to correct this miscarriage of justice.

  • This will make you feel safe and secure about the people working at TSA. It seems that some of the employees can’t even pass their training exams without bribing the instructor. In Philadelphia, 10 TSA employees were caught paying an instructor for him to give them passing grades. Three resigned and seven were fired. Don’t you feel safer?
  • MSNBC seems intent on making itself known just as much as a wing of the Democratic Party as Fox News is known as a wing of the GOP. In a video segment about Mitt Romney’s bus tour, the network inserted special effects of explosions and flames. Imagine the furor if Fox had done this to Obama video. (Actually, Fox might be irritated that it didn’t think of the idea first.)

  • This probably won’t be a candidate that the Republican Party includes on its next brochure about family values. A married father of three who’s a GOP candidate for a judge position in Alabama has been arrested on charges of soliciting a minor for sex. Details aren’t available, but the statute he was charged under applies to children younger than 16.
  • A British researcher who believes he’s learned how to communicate with people in a persistent vegetative state — who were previously assumed to have no cognitive abilities — is trying to bring his methods to clinical use, but his work is controversial to some people.
  • The 20-year-old man who showed up in Berlin last fall and claimed not to know who he is has admitted he made the whole thing up. The man who called himself Ray and said he had been living in a forest is actually a young man from the Netherlands who simply wanted a new life, so he took the train to Berlin and made up his story. He was found out when someone from back home recognized him.