If you’re a partisan of one of the two major parties, you probably believe that your party is the good guy in try to get rid of federal spending that hands cash to private companies. But when a fiscally conservative Republican introduced an amendment to the proposed Energy Department budget that would have saved about $1.5 billion by cutting subsidies to nuclear and oil companies, Democrats and other Republicans joined forces to defeat this small step toward budget sanity.

  • When a Chicago man yelled profanity at the mayor of the city, a police officer chased him. Because he ran and tried to get away from the officer chasing him, the heckler has been given three years in prison. If a police officer can chase you down for your speech, how’s that First Amendment thing working out?
  • File this under “w” for “weird.” A University of Georgia professor of German has been arrested for prostitution after the 64-year-old man agreed to dress up like a woman and meet a man for sex in a motel. It’s worth clicking the link just to see the mugshot of the man dressed as an unhappy woman.

  • The federal government is prepared to propose “voluntary” standards for automakers about how to design in-car electronics in such a way that they don’t distract drivers. Officials acknowledge that devices drivers bring into the car — such as smartphones and iPads — are a hole in the policy, and they plan to come back with additional proposals to stifle those.
  • One of the most prominent black pastors in the country has been arrested on charges of assaulting his 15-year-old daughter. The Rev. Creflo Dollar — who has a reputation for being all about the dollars — choked and punched his daughter in an argument over whether the girl was allowed to go to a party.
  • It probably won’t go down in the history of crime as anything huge, but somebody cared enough about toothpicks to steal nearly 400,000 of them from a Georgia manufacturing plant. Be on the lookout for thugs with toothpicks. The toothpicks were valued at about $2,800.