What if you offered $100,000 to someone and that person turned it down? That’s a very real possibility when it comes to the Texas teen-ager who was in the news last week after a judge sent the hard-working young girl to jail for a day for missing too many school days. A fundraising effort collected $100,000 to help her and provide a future education. But Diane Tran is thinking about turning the money down, against her attorney’s advice. She says that there are other kids who need help more than she does.

  • Cancer is a scary thing for everyone and many aging men fear prostate cancer in particular, partly because it’s so common. A few drug that was in clinical trials to treat advanced prostate cancer was so successful that the trial was stopped part of the way through — to allow everyone to get on the drug.
  • In case anybody was still wondering, the long economic downturn still isn’t showing signs of really being over. Weak job growth combined with more people attempting to find jobs again to made the jobless numbers look worse Friday and remind everyone that things might still get worse before they get better.

  • If you’re preparing to visit another country, you might read a guide about customs and manners in the country. Have you ever wondered what those guidebooks say about what to expect for non-Americans visiting the United States? The Atlantic has an interesting look at what the books say. One thing they all agree on is that Americans consider it rude to be kept waiting, so be on time.
  • A crying 3-year-old was kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight last week when his family couldn’t control his temper tantrum when he had to give up the iPad he had been playing with. The child was apparently waiting quietly for the flight to begin until he had to give up the iPad for takeoff.
  • An Ohio woman seems to think she’s a leaning fairy. Or something like that. The woman apparently has a cleaning service, but she has a novel way of attracting business. She broke into a home, did some light cleaning and then left a handwritten bill for $75 — along with her name and phone number. We suspect she belongs in a straightjacket more than in jail.