Community activists and police unions are both upset at a directive from the Miami Beach Police Department requiring officers to make 2,000 arrests over the Memorial Day weekend. When word of the quota became public, the police chief denied there was any quota, but who really believes him? The odd thing is that many in the community are trying to turn it into a racial issue.

  • For years, police have been ticketing people who flash their headlights to warn other motorists of a speed trap. A Florida man who got such a ticket fought it in court and a judge agreed that the police officer misapplied a state law. Not only that, but the judge ruled that police have no right to stop a motorist from communicating with other motorists, so ticketing him was a First Amendment violation.
  • Five Democratic members of the U.S. Senate had a press conference this week to push for “gender equity” in pay, but an analysis of the pay of staffers in their own offices show that they pay males more than females. We’re sure they would have good reasons for the differences — experience or some such — but they don’t want to accept those reasons from people in private industry. The solution is simple. They can just exempt themselves from the rules — as usual.

  • A 36-year-old man in Arkansas who is saving money to have “sex-reassignment” surgery wanted to be able to use the women’s restroom at his university, but the university took the position that he’s a man, even if he dresses in women’s clothes. But the U.S. Justice Department is forcing the school to comply with the man’s wishes. Does this mean that anyone can use either restroom by simply wearing the clothes of that gender?
  • Four southern newspapers announced Thursday that they’re no longer going to publish daily. Instead, they will shift more resources into online publishing and cut back print editions to Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The announcement was made by the Times-Picayune in New Orleans and by The Birmingham News, the Huntsville Times and the Mobile Press-Register in Alabama. Will the last newspaper still printing send a note of sympathy to the descendants of Johannes Gutenberg?
  • Plenty of people would be happy to lose 56 pounds, but few folks would like to do it this way. A Texas woman had a 56-pound tumor removed at a Dallas hospital. The 70-year-old woman says she began putting on some weight about 10 years ago.