When a reporter started hearing passenger complaints in 2008 about the ways they were being treated at airports by the TSA, he filed public records requests to get copies of those complaints. The agency stonewalled on the requests for four long years, but he finally has the documents, revealing details and other examples of things we’ve been hearing anecdotes about for years.

  • Because of modern technology, an Army wife in the United States saw her husband die in Afghanistan. Her husband was an Army captain and they couple were engaging in a video chat online when he was killed. Details of the death haven’t been released yet, but it surely must be the first time a wife on the other side of the world has seen a husband killed in a combat zone.
  • Amish farm kids seem to be remarkably immune to allergies, as compared to children raised in the American mainstream. The scientists who did the study don’t understand yet what accounts for the low rates of allergy problems.