Since some courts have had the gall to take the Fourth Amendment seriously, so the Obama administration wants Congress to write news laws to get around them. Since courts have ruled that the government shouldn’t have access to your cellphone records without a court order, the White House wants to change the law to get around this “technicality” about searching without a warrant. We thought the Democrats were the ones who claimed to respect civil rights. Did we hear that wrong?

  • A Florida woman knew that her husband had a history of violence against other women, so when he came after her, she fired a gun — into the ceiling — as a warning shot to chase him away from her. Prosecutors were able to convince a jury that the husband was the victim. As a result, she’s facing 20 years in prison.
  • When a 6-year-old boy quotes a line from a song that ways, “I’m sexy and I know it,” it’s a pretty safe bet that he doesn’t know what the line even means. That didn’t stop school officials in Colorado from charging a boy with sexual harassment when he said the line to a girl in his class. It’s the second time he’s been punished for this, so he was sent home.

  • If you’re a German toddler who’s been under a lot of stress, there’s now a program just for stressed-out kids under 5 years of age. We’re serious.
  • Police in New York City are looking for 12 teen-age girls who attacked a couple of girls on a subway. The girls taunted the pair and then dragged them off the train by the hair and stole a phone from one of them.
  • When a 27-year-old woman in Arizona told family and friends that she had been diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, they pitched in to raise money for her medical bills. It turns out that the woman didn’t have cancer. She was just scamming her family and friends for $8,000 to have breast implants.