An Ohio GOP congressman wanted to make sure he wasn’t caught on video saying anything embarrassing, so he banned cameras from his public town hall meeting. Media people had cameras and recorded whatever they wanted, but he had police confiscate a video camera and an iPhone. The police taking the iPhone can be heard saying it’s “to protect the constituents.” The sign outside the event said cameras were banned “for security purposes.” The congressman’s career is the only thing being secured, it seems.

  • What is it about Kennedy assassinations that attract conspiracy theories? After years of conflicting stories and evidence about the death of John F. Kennedy, we now have some potential controversy about the assassination of his brother Robert Kennedy five years later. A witness now claims that there was a second shooter in addition to Sirhan Sirhan, who was convicted of the murder.
  • If you suspect that some people are inconsistent about when they believe judges should show “restraint” and when they should be “activist,” you’re not alone. This piece is Reason magazine’s blog shows that the New York Times editorial philosophy can be stated as, “We like restraint when the subject is a law we like, but we like activism when the subject is a law we don’t like.”

  • Can you keep a secret? New research says that she you keep a secret, you feel physically weighed down with the knowledge that you’re having to hide. Maybe this is the reason so many people feel the need to confess things they haven’t admitted.
  • A couple of entrepreneurs in Seattle have come up with the world’s first bra designed to carry an iPhone. It seems to be for women who want to go out clubbing without being bothered by purses, but who don’t want to be separated from their smartphones.
  • When a state trooper in Oklahoma pulled a car over, he asked the driver about a chemical smell. Instead of answering, the man took off running. It turned out that he had a small meth lab in his pants — and it exploded as he ran.