Some people use their tax refunds buy things for themselves, but other people will be using the cash to pay for attorney fees to file bankruptcy this year. A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research says that roughly 200,000 households will be filing for bankruptcy this year as soon as they get their refunds. The cost of the bankruptcy process is higher than ever, so some people have to save up the money to even be bankrupt.

  • In Afghanistan, the Taliban has launched its “spring offensive,” launching attacks on several western embassies as well as the Afghan parliament building and the headquarters for NATO troops in the country. Why haven’t we pulled out of that place and left them alone to kill each other?
  • Does it seem as though the TSA must do some of its hiring in prisons? We only ask this because it seems as though we’re constantly seeing stories about TSA inspectors being accused of stealing from passenger luggage or some other crime they’re supposed to be protecting us from. An inspector at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport has been arrested for stealing iPads from travelers. He was caught with one of the stolen iPads, but he said he couldn’t remember where he bought it.
  • You’ve heard of flash mobs, but you’re accustomed to associating them with young urban hipsters. In Virginia, a group of folks ranging in age from 66 to 80 spent a couple of months rehearsing an act to perform as part of a flash mob at a shopping mall. Check out the video.