When a convicted Boston drug dealer used his one phone call after he was arrested, he was heard asking someone to go get his EBT card (electronic benefits transfer card) and get cash from an ATM to bail him out. The Boston Herald reports that people were also using the cards to buy booze, cigarettes and scratch cards.

  • A new study from Australia claims that physically strong men are more likely to favor conservative political views because they view the world as a battle for personal self-preseveration. Researchers say such men become obsessed with upper-body strength and their supposed fighting ability.
  • In something of a confessional, the former head of the TSA under George W. Bush says that airport security is broken. He says air travel would be safer if we allowed knives, lighters and fluids — and focused instead on disrupting new terror threats. Isn’t it interesting how smart some of these guys get after they’re no longer in a position to do anything about what they’re pontificating about?

  • Vice President Joe Biden has a sweet deal. He gets free protection from the Secret Service, but he makes the government pay him $21,000 a year for him to allow the Secret Service agent the privilege of being on his property to protect him. Somehow, this insanity is said to be legal.
  • Speaking of the Secret Service, it’s a classy operation that bunch seems to be running, especially on trips with the president. The agency had to send 11 agents home Saturday and placed them on administrative leave after allegations of involvement with local prostitutes in their rooms in Colombia Wednesday night. The dispute became public after there was a payment dispute the next morning. Seriously. We didn’t make that part up.
  • A 49-year-old man in Utica, N.Y., doesn’t have the ins and outs of bank robbery figured out. The man tried to rob a bank by threatening a teller with a toilet plunger. If we would only ban toilet plungers, this terrible crime would never have happened.