A California woman saw burglars trying to steal wire from a house next door, so she called the police. When police showed up, one of the officers decided to go through her yard to the house where the burglary was taking place, but the woman’s dog scared him. So the officer shot the dog. In addition to that, police didn’t catch the burglars.

  • Are police responsible when they make mistakes that cause harm to other people? If they’re being reasonable in the pursuit of their duties, most people would agree that it’s reasonable for them to have some immunity. But what if they don’t have any reason to be suspicious of someone and then their mistakes cause them to shoot someone and rough up others? Radley Balko has a story about a federal court dismissing a case against police by a family in Texas. So how can police be held accountable for their actions?
  • The family that makes meth together … goes to jail together? A 40-year-old man and his 18-year-old daughter were arrested in a suburb of Birmingham, Ala., Tuesday night after police discovered a meth operation when they went to investigate reports of a burglary. WIll they be able to see each other on visiting day in prison?

  • Non-profit organizations are constantly begging for money, but what happens when a well-known comedy writer tries to give half a million dollars to Planned Parenthood? It turns out the organization doesn’t like his writing, so they don’t want his money. Tucker Max explains his story.
  • It wasn’t just Democrats and those on the left who believed the Bush administration was guilty of illegal conduct in how prisoners were being treated. A 2006 memo by a State Department lawyer told the administration that what the CIA was doing amounted to war crimes. A copy of the memo is now public.
  • A waitress in Minnesota was happy when a customer left her a box and said she could keep it, but when the box turned out to contain $12,000, she figured it must have been a mistake. Being a dutiful citizen, she turned the money in to police to see if it was claimed. When no one claimed it, police said it was theirs to keep — since it was obviously drug money. The waitress is suing the get the money back. We just want to know why she didn’t pocket the money and keep her mouth shut.