The Internet is currently controlled for the most part by “web businesses, technology providers, user groups, engineering groups and others” which jointly work out the rules about how things are going to work. However, a treaty being pushed by some countries — such as Russia and China — that don’t like that anarchy are pushing to turn over control to a UN agency. Google’s Eric Schmidt spoke out against the treaty this week and said it would destroy the online freedoms we enjoy today.

Ron Paul took a break from campaigning Wednesday to grill Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke about fiat money and why the country should have a money system backed by gold and silver. Bernanke listened to Paul and said he would be happy to talk to him about a parallel system in the future. Oh, wait. This wasn’t really a break from the campaign. This was part of the campaign, wasn’t it?

Schools are so paranoid after Monday’s Ohio shooting that a simple autocorrect error locked down a middle school and a high school in Florida Wednesday. Someone meant to send a message reading, “gunna be at west hall today,” but autocorrect changed it to say, “gunman be at west hall today.” West Hall High School and West Hall Middle School were locked down for more than two hours as a result.

The federal government is worried that civilian technologies are so powerful today that it doesn’t have technology that’s far enough advanced to keep ahead of what’s in the hands of individual people. We here in the bunker consider this something to celebrate, not something to worry about.

Can you tell which religious statements come from Iran’s grand ayatollah and which come from Rick Santorum? We could mostly figure out which were which, but a couple of them stumped us. It’s scary that they seem to agree on so much.

When a man in Ohio attacked a woman and tried to choke her, she was rescued by an unlikely hero. A deer appeared out of nowhere and scared the attacker off. Police didn’t have a description of the attacker or the deer.