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Faith’s all we have to bolster belief that the rebirth of spring is coming

by David McElroy

Humans tend to hate change. We fight the cycles of change by clinging to the past. We pretend if we hold onto something from the past, the present will make sense — and maybe some internal pain or emptiness or loneliness will go away.

But Nature is all about cycles. Last autumn, I wrote about a lesson of Nature which I saw in the dying leaves near my front door. In those dry and golden leaves, I saw the message that dead things must be cleared away before rebirth has a chance to come.

In late October, death and decay were evident all around me. By this mid-June Sunday evening, the new life of Nature’s renewal is just as evident. The leaves you see above are on the same tree limb — in the same place — as the picture I shared with you last October.

I’d like to briefly suggest two things based on the brilliant green of rebirth that I see today.

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Why waste your one life on political scandal that won’t change anything?

by David McElroy

Should a rational person question orthodox assumptions on climate?

by David McElroy

Do you want to save the planet?

Uh, sure, I guess so.

Do you want a clean environment for everyone in the future?

Of course. Doesn’t everyone?

Or are you a “science denier” who’s out of touch with realty and is in bed with Big Oil?

Of course not. I’m a smart person and I love science. So tell me what I’m supposed to believe!

That’s roughly how the debate on climate change plays out today from those who argue what has become the orthodox position — that human activity is causing the planet to get a warmer and that the increased warmth will cause catastrophic effects.

If you look at the evidence and come to any other conclusion — or if you’re even skeptical about the political solutions presented — you are labeled a “denier,” in a very dishonest attempt to link climate skepticism with Holocaust denial.

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